Gangi is a delightful medieval town surrounded by walls and made up of silent narrow streets and beautiful artistic and historical monuments. It is a very lively place, known for its cultural ferment and the various events that take place throughout the year.

One of the symbols of the town is represented by Palazzo Bongiorno, a wonderful example of eighteenth-century architecture whose rooms are masterfully frescoed by the Roman painter Gaspare Fumagalli.

In the main square we can see the church dedicated to Saint Nicolò which contains the “Giudizio Universale”, work of Giuseppe Salerno, and beautiful wooden statues. Inside it there is a crypt known as “a fossa di parrini” (priests’ pit), in which the mummies of some priests who lived between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are exhibited. The bell tower of the church, Torre dei Ventimiglia, is a splendid example of late Gothic architecture.

One of the most beautiful religious buildings in the village dates back to 1300, it’s the church of the Badia, whose walls are completely decorated and the floors covered with majolica.

Palazzo Sgadari (19th century) is now home to the Giambecchina Art Gallery, the Civic Museum, the Arms Museum and the Anthropological Museum, an ideal place to discover the Madonite culture.

The Ventimiglia family built a Castle in the 13th century which passed into the hands of several noble families that modified and embellished it over the years. It had a purely defensive function and was built on the northern overhang of Mount Marone, offering an enchanting view of the Madonie park.

The church of San Cataldo, protector of the city, is known for its bell tower decorated with colored ceramics and for the various works of the painters Salerno and Quattrocchi kept inside.

Finally, at the base of Mount Marone, there is the Saracen Tower, built during the Norman domination for protective purposes, its entry was an ogival arch at a significant height that allowed those on guard to enter through a movable bridge. Today, unfortunately, little remains of this tower, but the original battlements can still be seen.


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