The museum

A pure rock salt deposit, formed six million years ago for a series of rare geological events and for the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea, houses the MACSS, Museo di Arte Contemporanea Sotto Sale which, with its rock salt sculptures, represents a unique museum of contemporary art inside an active mine.

The corpus of works unfolds along an incredible natural and geological artistic path. A grandeur that allows you to discover the geological history of Sicily enriched by contemporary artistic testimonies. The sculptures are preserved thanks to the dry and humidity-free climate of this place.

The MACSS is located precisely in Raffo, near Petralia Soprana; comfortable shoes are recommended to access the mine, children under the age of 12 cannot enter and educational workshops with specialized operators are set up for them. Since the mine is active, access is strictly subject to safety procedures and visits are governed by the management only on authorized days, four per month.

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Associazione Sottosale
Piazza E. Li Puma – Raffo
tel +39 366 38 78 751

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