Excursions in the Madonie Park

  • Excursions, hiking, snowshoeing, canyoning, rafting and many other adventures in the Madonie Park: madonieapassolento.it
  • Excursions and hiking in the Madonie Park – Guided Tours to discover the Manna Extraction: org
  • Madonie Park: parcodellemadonie.it
  • Gole di Tiberio – boat trips, river trail and rafting on river Pollina river: goleditiberio.it
  • Walks and horseback riding in the Madonie Park: cavallonatura.com
  • Winter Excursions and Snowshoeing: madonieoutdoor.it
  • Gal Hassin – astronomical park (Isnello): galhassin.it


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Excursions in the Madonie Park

Sport and Adventure in the Madonie Park