Ristorante Nangalarruni

A name not easy to remember, a restaurant impossible to forget, Nangalarruni (name of the famous mouth instrument that accompanies many Sicilian folk songs) is one of those food and wine experiences not to be missed in Castelbuono.

A cuisine strongly rooted in the territory whose points of excellence are dishes based on mushrooms, wild pig, wild vegetables and many other products with authentic aromas that give rise to recipes that creatively incorporate the flavors of the past.

Furthermore Giuseppe, the chef, who has always been passionate about wines, will guide you among the 600 labels that his famous cellar counts.

Cortile Ventimiglia, 5 – 90013 Castelbuono (PA)
+39 0921 671428

Ristorante Il Palazzaccio

Elegant but informal restaurant located in the main street of Castelbuono, Palazzaccio has become a very appreciate restaurant in Sicily. The cuisine, strongly anchored to the territory, is revisited in a modern key by the chef Sandro, who uses the most recent techniques to enhance the typical food of the area, without altering it. Here you can find a rich choice of local cheeses, oils, salts, balsamic vinegars and bread and pasta are prepared directly by the chef. Giuseppe takes care of the cellar with a wine list that includes international prestigious labels.

Via Umberto I, 23 – 90013 Castelbuono (PA)
+39 0921 67628

Pasticceria Fiasconaro

For four generations the Pasticceria Fiasconaro has been producing haute patisserie in Sicily in the town of Castelbuono. For many years now it has specialized in the production of high quality artisan panettone, a typical Christmas dessert from Milan but revisited in a Sicilian key with various flavors. The preparation of the dessert is done by hand with ingredients from the island and with respect for leavening times (36 hours). Nowadays Fiasconaro is considered the king of Sicilian artisan panettone.

P.zza Margherita, 10 – 90013 Castelbuono (PA) Italia
Punto vendita +39 0921 671231
Num. Verde 800 92 99 71

Gelateria Naselli (gelato e granite)

The Naselli Bar was founded in 1982 in the main square of Castelbuono and today it stands out in particular for its ice creams and granite (slushes).

In fact, Salvatore prepares a truly artisan ice cream, made without the use of any semi-finished product (except for a few pastas such as pistachio or hazelnut) and with a careful selection of the ingredients. In recent years he has also decided to start coding the Gelato 100×100 Sicilia, ice cream exclusively made up of ingredients that come from the island.

Piazza Margherita, 12 – 90013 Castelbuono (PA)
+39 0921 672797

Abbazia Santa Anastasia

A winemaker that produces organic and biodynamic wines but also a small relais de charme, the Santa Anastasia Abbey stands on an ancient Benedictine abbey built in the 12th century by Count Ruggero D’Altavilla where, for a long time, the monks have produced good wine appreciated by the nobility and to the local clergy. 

For wine lovers, a guided tour of the cellar is recommended (lasting about 40 minutes), accessible by reservation.

Contrada Santa Anastasia – 90013 Castelbuono (Pa)
+39 0921 672233

Finale di Pollina

Ristorante Arrhais

Arrhais is a fish restaurant that offers seafood dishes in an informal, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Its menu is almost exclusively dedicated to fish, a cuisine that is the result of secrets handed down from mother to son with great attention to the seasonality of the products and, above all, to the use of only fresh fish.

During summer dining on the terrace with a breathtaking view of the Tyrrhenian Sea offers an experience that will be difficult to forget.

Corso Sicilia, 2 – Finale di Pollina (Pa)
+39 0921 426328
+39 366 5491323


Alla torre

Excellent pizza, kindness of the staff, but above all a unique location: these are the three main ingredients that characterize this restaurant located on the terrace overlooking the Pietra Rosa Theater, for a dinner in a truly suggestive context and with an enchanting view of the surrounding valleys.

Via Castello 27 – 90010 Pollina (Pa)
+39 0921 425006


Locanda del marinaio

La Locanda del Marinaio is one of the most renowned restaurants in the wonderful city of Cefalù; it offers delicious fish specialties, symbol of the long Sicilian culinary tradition, reinterpreted by the chef with a pinch of innovation. The fish dishes combine perfectly with the selection of local and national wines from the cellar. La Locanda del Marinaio will win you over thanks to its exquisite fish specialties and the friendliness of the staff, who will make you feel right at home.

Via Porpora, 5 – 90015 Cefalù (Pa)
+39 0921 423295


La brace

The restaurant promotes the typical local products of the Madonie area by taking inspiration from an ancient cuisine that exploited seasonal resources, but adding a pinch of creativity during the cooking and presentation phase. Its specialties are wild mushrooms and vegetables, homemade bread and fresh pasta. La Brace is at the same time a renowned pizzeria, thanks to the accuracy of the preparation, starting from the dough, made with flour obtained from ancient grains, together with a 72 hours-leavening.

A place strongly rooted in the territory also from the architectural point of view, with a glass roof at the entrance that allows you to observe the cobblestones of the original base of the building and bare stone and wood on the walls.

Via Monsignor Oscar Romero, 16 – 90010 Isnello (Pa)
+39 0921 662810

Petralia Sottana

Ristorante Il castello

This restaurant is located in the ancient theater of the Norman castle of Petralia Sottana, a unique site that gives a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the place.

Pizza prepared with craftsmanship and 48 hours of natural leavening, local meats cooked with care to enhance the flavors, a wide selection of wines to choose from a cellar carved into the rock, tradition and authenticity, lead to a quality gastronomy experience rooted in the territory.

Via Generale di Maria, 27 – 90027 Petralia Sottana (Pa)
+39 0921 641250

Pasticceria Bracco

Pasticceria storica, dal 1968, nel cuore di Petralia Sottana, il cui punto di forza sta nella qualità delle materie prime impiegate e nella radicata tradizione e tecnica di lavorazione dei prodotti usata dalla famiglia Bracco, che si contraddistingue anche per passione e cortesia.
Molte le specialità che hanno dato notorietà a questo luogo: i “Bocconcini”, lo “Sfoglio delle Madonie”, i “Moka” al caffè, ma sono solo una piccola parte dei gustosi prodotti offerti.

Via Indipendenza, 6, 90027 Petralia Sottana PA
+39 329 406 6632


Trattoria Sant'Anna

The Trattoria Sant’Anna is located inside Palazzo Bongiorno, one of the most beautiful eighteenth-century buildings in the Madonie. The restaurant is in the east wing of the building next to a wonderful garden with a breathtaking view of the valley and of the Ventimiglia Tower.

Freshness of products, careful choice of ingredients, attention to detail, dedication and passion: these are the “watchwords” of this restaurant where meats, cheeses and vegetables from local farmers are used. In addition, the cellar houses a rich variety of excellent wines to combine with the delicious dishes.

Via Sant’Anna, 2 – 90024 Gangi (Pa)
+39 0921 602422

Petralia Soprana

Ristorante Lu Carmé

Characteristic restaurant in the historic center where high quality local products are cooked with the passion for the cuisine of the past.

Via Pergola, 12 – 90026 Petralia Soprana (Pa)
+39 0921 641135

Pasticceria Aspromonte

Well known bar of Petralia Soprana famous for cannoli and sfoglio, a typical dessert of the village that is a cake filled with tuma cheese, chocolate, cinnamon and sugar, an authentic masterpiece defined by many as the king of Madonite desserts.

Corso Umberto I, 89 – 90026 Petralia Soprana (Pa)
+39 0921 680880

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