166 km in the heart of Sicily!

A proposal for a journey that starts from the heart of Sicily, crosses the territory of the provinces of Caltanissetta and Palermo, runs through the heart of the Sicilian Alps, the Madonie, stops in Castelbuono and reaches the Norman city of Cefalù.

This walk was inspired by the ancient path that Friars did, crossing the mountains and the Sicilian countryside on foot or on the back of mules to ask for the begging for their convents.

The Via dei Frati route develops along 166 km which becomes 201 km adding up all the variants and crosses inhabited areas, large expanses in the countryside and mountain paths just below 1,900 m a.s.l.

This kind of experience offers you the opportunity to carve out spaces of solitude but at the same time enjoy the warm welcome in the villages, where you can rest in a kaleidoscope of culture, history and traditions.

The Via dei Frati path can also be travelled by bike!


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