Giant hollies forest

The giant hollies forest, at an altitude of 1400 meters, is defined by many botanists as a real “Natural Cathedral”. Here there are ancient examples of trees of rare beauty up to 20m high whose branches intertwine creating a so dense foliage that the sun's rays barely filter. Going through it, it is like entering a magical place inhabited by elves and goblins: soft light, rarefied air, scents of the undergrowth and an unreal silence, envelop the visitor magically projecting him into a fairy world.

The wood is reachable along an easy and panoramic path which, starting from Piano Sempria (Castelbuono), in about an hour walk leads directly to Piano Pomo, from here, after a short stop at the forest haystack, in a few meters you will reach the giant trees, even more suggestive in winter, when the branches are covered with characteristic red berries.

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