Manna production

The manna is defined the white gold of Sicily, it is a precious sap that is obtained from the ash tree after its bark is affected and which then solidifies in contact with the air.

Its extraction, which is repeated every year during summer season in the countryside of Castelbuono and Pollina, is part of an ancient process that is the result of oral knowledge handed down from generation to generation.

Manna is not only history, it has a very pleasant taste and it’s rich in beneficial properties, so that it is used in natural medicine, in cosmetics, but also in pastry. This product is really unique so it’s absolutely worth getting a closer look at it through organized excursions in the ash groves. In an almost surreal atmosphere created by the stalactites of whitish manna hanging from the branches, the frassinicultore (the man who works with manna) will show you the gestures, tools and procedures related to the harvest and it will even be possible to taste the freshly extracted manna.

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