Fiumara d'arte

Fiumara d’Arte is one of the most important contemporary art operations in Sicily: an open-air museum of environmental installations scattered among several neighboring villages in the Tusa (ME) area. Since 1986 the patron Antonio Presti has financed these works with the aim of using Beauty as a social and political instrument.

The perfect starting point for visiting the monumental sculpture park is Atelier sul Mare hotel museum: twenty rooms designed and built by twenty different artists that allow the visitor to have a totally immersive experience. In fact, each room is itself a work of art that allows guests to live it, enriching it with new meanings every time. You can decide to spend a night inside one of them or simply visit them in the morning, when the guests of the night before leave the opera to welcome new visitors.

From here you can use the map of Fiumara D’Arte to continue the tour and discover the other works scattered throughout the area. Particularly recommended: 

Mauro Staccioli's “Piramide”, 

Tano Festa's “Finestra sul mare”, Antonio Di Palma's “Energia Mediterranea”, 

Italo Lanfredini's “Labirinto di Arianna”. 

Via Abruzzo 10,
90013 Castelbuono (PA)
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