Madonie a passo lento  - Pertalia Sottana

Excursions to discover Sicily and the Madonie at a slow pace, responsible, sustainable and relational tourism with respect for the environment and local cultures.

Madonie Explorers - Castelbuono

Excursions and trekking, experiences related to farming traditions and divulgation activities with the aim of spreading the extraordinary Madonie heritage.

Madonie Park

Sports, museums, picnic areas, paths, accommodation and many other useful information for visiting the Madonie Park.

Gole di Tiberio  - Pollina 

This place is on the border between Castelbuono and San Mauro villages. It’s one of the most enchanting place in Sicily, where it’s possible to go on rubber boats excursions or do rafting on the Pollina river.

Cavallo Natura  - Castelbuono 

Horse riding, trekking and horseback riding in the Madonie Park, available both for beginners and experts.

Madonie Outdoor  - Petralia Soprana 

Snow trails, trekking for expert walkers and families, Nordic walking trails, sport climbing, excursions to the Tiberius Gorges, the path of the Madonite sanctuaries.

Gal Hassin - Isnello

In the heart of Madonie a center where astrophysics research, teaching and divulgation merge together in a context in which low light pollution allows the vision of the center of our Galaxy.

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